Ya'll, business is risky. And while we love using our experiences, and the experiences of countless other entrepreneurs we know, have worked with and have drank endless cups of coffee with, business is still risky. So our advice doesn’t come with any guarantees. You get that, right? Cool. Oh, and if you need professional help, consider hiring a business consultant. Preferably one with a suit and briefcase.

Advice: Career, Parenting, and all our Other Opinions

Thanks for visiting! Our website is a resource guide for educational and informational purposes. (And sometimes venting about inappropriate topics such as the correct car seat placement and/or individuals who wear Vibram Five Fingers to dinner parties. You know--the usual.) To create this podcast, we use our experiences, the experiences of others and various other resources including but not limited to the wild wild web, and/or the Encyclopedia Britannica (what? you didn’t buy the extended library collection of 1989?). That said, our advice doesn’t come with any guarantees. By visiting this site, you’re essentially signing a contract that says that you understand that I make no guarantees, and you won’t try to sue me or report us to W3Schools. Because that? Would be awkward.

The "I'll Give you my Opinion about your Situation but Don't Sue Us" Disclaimer

Of course, this is based on us taking a quick look, sans magnifying glass, as a favor--and not the usual review and analysis of all documents and factors that we would consider when working with you as a traditional paid client. (You also miss out on my witty emails and us showering you with compliments.) That said, uor advice and opinion is taken into account at your own risk, but for a proper analysis, hire a lawyer/doctor/other licensed professional--preferably one with a fancy certificate on their wall. Because who doesn’t like a fancy certificate?

Professional Giving Advice over the Phone/Internet

Technology is great, and so are phones/Skype/Zoom/podcasts/video chats. However, they can also be a little, say, limiting. Without consulting with you in person, the dynamics change a little bit, and we can’t conduct the extensive analysis that we would in an in-person setting. (Or buy you coffee at Starbucks.) Therefore, our conversation should not be considered a substitute for an in-person evaluation by a business consultant. The upside? You don’t have to wear any pants. Not a bonus to be taken lightly, of course.

Life Coach or Other Coaches

We're experts at what we do. We've got the street cred. The experience. The skills. And the qualifications. However, we should probably give a group nod to the fact that we am not a licensed psychologist or health care professional, and our services don’t replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. (Though we do own a pretty impressive brown leather couch, thankyouverymuch.) With that comes the standard eye-glaze inducing disclaimer that, no, we cannot actually guarantee the outcome of our coaching efforts and/or recommendations on our website/blog/email series, and our comments about the outcome are expressions of (our very personal) opinion only. We can guarantee you this, however: we will do my best to coach you, and we’ll do everything in my power to help.

Affiliate Links Disclaimer

Guess what? If you click on a link that we’ve provided, it might be a link to someone who will give me a commission if you buy something from their site. That means that we might get paid if you click on that link. And the reason why we're telling you this is because we want to be upfront with you, and because it’s illegal not to. (So, you know, right side of the law and all.) That said, promise to use any affiliate commissions earned for good causes: Things like reinvesting in this business to bring you even better resources, and quite possibly at least one Sunday trip to the zoo. Because...zoos.

Product Descriptions

We love our products, and we hope you do, too. That said, sometimes we might slip up, and sometimes, errors happen. Things like pricing or merchandise descriptions get mixed up, and then we look bad. While that stinks, what’s most important to us is that you’re happy. So while we can’t guarantee that all information on the site is always 100% accurate at any given time, if you do notice a mistake? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. Since we can’t guarantee the products for your particular circumstances or purposes, nor the color, texture, size, file type, file size, and/or resolution we can guarantee that we’ll give you the best customer service we can to remedy the situation.