March 24, 2022

Building Meaningful Community with Bekah Hawrot-Weigel


This episode features Bekah Hawrot-Weigel as she talks about how Virtual Coffee got started, the role of storytelling within communities, and the importance of learning the basics in development.

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Building Meaningful Community with Bekah Hawrot-Weigel

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Bekah Hawrot-Weigel

Technical Community Builder

Bekah graduated from the Flatiron School Software Engineering program in May of 2019 and since then has spent time as a frontend developer, started the Virtual Coffee developer community, and has continued to mom her four kids. She currently co-hosts the Virtual Coffee podcast, tries to work on her postpartum wellness OSS project, and lifts heavy things in her free time. In 2022, she officially joined the DevRel world as the Technical Community Building for Deepgram.


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