March 11, 2022

Why RedwoodJS is the App Framework for Startups with David Price


In this episode, David Price talks about Redwood.js, its origin, how it can help you quickly spin up a full-stack JavaScript application, and how you can get involved in their community.

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Why RedwoodJS is the App Framework for Startups with David Price

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David Price

Co-Founder of RedwoodJS

Building communities that build products and companies.

Things I deeply care about (in order):1. ethics 2. entrepreneurial leadership 3. collaboration

Technically my day job is with Preston-Werner Ventures, which is how I can work (almost) full-time on RedwoodJS (the other part of my job is focused on working to solve super hard climate problems with the team at PWV.)

My background looks like a random-walk algorithm, but the tl;dr is "Long time entrepreneur and tech generalist who's worked across industries and happens to care deeply about the human outcomes from business and tech ventures."

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