June 18, 2024

From Idea to Product: Postman Labs’ Experimentation Process


In this episode, James and Amy are live from Post Con 24 with Sterling Chin from Postman's Labs team. Sterling shares insights on how Postman leverages AI to build tools that enhance developer productivity. He delves into the experimental nature of Postman Labs, the importance of rapid iteration, and how they determine which features make it into production. Sterling also discusses Postbot, an AI assistant designed to streamline the API development process.

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From Idea to Product: Postman Labs’ Experimentation Process

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Sterling Chin

Engineering Manager

As an Engineering Manager at Postman, I lead various initiatives in Labs, the R&D arm of the company. I have over 3 years of experience in building and launching AI-powered tools that help developers and businesses in their API journey.

Some of the initiatives I have spearheaded include the GA releases of gRPC, GraphQL, Postman Flows, and Postbot. These products enable users to create, test, and manage complex API workflows with ease and efficiency. I also oversee the GTM efforts, roadmap development, and cross-functional collaboration for all of our initiatives, ensuring alignment with Labs' business goals and objectives. My passion is to drive adoption and awareness for our innovative solutions, and I have worked with marketing, developer relations, and customer service teams to create targeted campaigns and educational materials.

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