April 16, 2024

Exploring the Future of React with Remix: A Deep Dive


In this episode, hosts Amy Dutton and Brad Garropy are joined by Brooks Lybrand from Shopify to explore the latest in Remix and the future of React. They discuss the integration of server components, the challenges of package management, and strategies for effective software updates. The conversation also delves into the potential of React Server Components (RSC) and the role of SPA (Single Page Application) mode in web development.

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Exploring the Future of React with Remix: A Deep Dive

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Brooks Lybrand

Developer Relations Manager

Brooks Lybrand is the Remix Developer Relations Manager at Shopify.

He started in the field of Data Science and gradually shifted to Web Development once he discovered the joy of creating tools and websites that help people do the tasks they need to every day.

Brooks derives purpose from building community, getting developers to the "aha!" moment, and luring people into pits of success. In his free time he likes spending time with his wife and 1.5 Great Danes, climbing, coffee, mixed drinks, and all the other quintessential guy-in-tech-things.

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