November 9, 2023

Virtual DOM: Back In Block


In this episode, host James Q Quick interviews Aiden Bai, the developer behind Million.js, a virtual DOM replacement for React. Aiden shares his journey in creating Million.js, inspired by a desire to enhance web performance on older devices, highlighting its significance for accessibility and performance optimization. The discussion covers technical insights into Million.js, comparisons with other frameworks like Svelte and Solid, and the challenges in the ever-evolving web development field. Additionally, they explore the impact of education on modern tech skills and Aiden's aspirations for his company focused on performance tools, concluding with insights into the adoption and community growth around Million.js.

Episode Cover Episode 157

Virtual DOM: Back In Block

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Aiden Bai

Open Source Maintainer

I'm an 18 year old programmer from Portland, OR, USA.

I'm an 18 year old programmer from Portland, OR, USA.


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