August 24, 2023

Side Project to Full-Time Dream


Elston joins James and Amy to talk about his side project turned full time job and how to make “Tiiny” dreams big.

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Side Project to Full-Time Dream

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Elston Baretto

Founder and CEO

Meet Elston Baretto, the mastermind behind, who shares a similar journey with many indie hackers. Initially, Elston embarked on his entrepreneurial venture as a side project while juggling a full-time job. However, his career path has been rich with valuable insights, which we will delve into during this episode. Elston kick-started his professional journey at JP Morgan, where he reluctantly accepted a graduate position with plans to stay for a mere six months. Unexpectedly, four years passed, and he found himself still at the prominent banking conglomerate. Nevertheless, the notion of remaining there indefinitely left him unsatisfied. During his tenure at JP Morgan, Elston managed to launch several side projects, some of which continue to generate revenue to this day. Nonetheless, he ultimately decided to depart from the corporate world to pursue his startup aspirations. However, after a year, the startup dream came to an end, leaving him with a company of 14 employees but minimal traction—an experience that may resonate with many. Following this setback, Elston returned to full-time employment while he regrouped and sought new directions. In January 2020, he introduced—a remarkably simple platform for hosting projects. Fast forward to 2023, and Elston has transitioned to working on full-time, having achieved significant growth with a monthly recurring revenue surpassing $10,000.


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