June 15, 2023

A Friendly Guide to Software Development


Leticia tells Brad and Amy about her new book, her transition into tech, and all about her experience working at Stripe.

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COMPRESSED.fm Episode 139

A Friendly Guide to Software Development

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Leticia Portella

Software Engineer

Starting as an Oceanographer, Leticia became a Software Engineer, where she has been working now for many years.

Since the switch, she has been dedicated to helping people learn. For 6 years now, she has been co-founder and one of the hosts of Pizza de Dados, the first data science podcast in Brazil. She is also a teacher on the LinkedIn Learning platform where her courses have helped thousands of students. Her latest work is the launch of her book, "A friendly guide to software development", where she teaches about software development for people that don’t have a background in computer science but want to know more about this world, even if they don’t ever want to be developers.


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