February 22, 2023

Transitioning Into Tech From a Non-Traditional Background


Tom spills all his tips on big career transitions, emphasizing your skills, and ways to learn coding.

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COMPRESSED.fm Episode 121

Transitioning Into Tech From a Non-Traditional Background

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Tom Hessburg

Software Engineer

Hey guys!

My name is Tom Hessburg, you've possibly seen me on TikTok under the handle @tomisloading.

I've be coding for 4 or 5 year, professionally for ~3-4. I've worked at Wayfair, a small startup I ran with my brother called SkillSpace, and currently work for Eventbrite. Before this career I was a pipe welder.

I spend a lot of time outside of work creating short form code and career related content on TikTok (+occasionally YouTube, though I'm pretty bad about keeping up with it). I teach beginner/intermediate web dev concepts, primarily frontend stuff. I also try to sprinkle in some career stuff for pre-first job devs with the intent to help them land their first coding job.


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